Nine Poets Recommend New & Recent Titles

Welcome back to The Seawall’s semi-annual poetry feature. This season, nine poets write briefly on some of their favorite recently published titles. This multi-poet/title feature is posted here in April and November. Scroll down to read. The commentary includes:

on Anybody, poems by Ari Banias (W.W. Norton)

Poetry is sparking with the urgency to expose the ways in which historical, cultural, physiological, and personal meanings impinge on our use of language.

on Good Vibrations by Mike Love (Blue Rider Press) and I Am Brian Wilson by Brian Wilson (Da Capo)

There are at least two audiences for the new autobiographies by Brian Wilson and Mike Love. The first comprises Boomers who still buy tickets to hear the aged Beach Boys sing “California Girls” and want to linger over their idols. The second group ruminates over the Beach Boys’ significance and puzzling discography.

on The Opposite of Light, poems by Kimberly Grey (Persea Books)

We are archaic -- in our sources, impulses, outreaches and aloneness. They say dogs have stereo olfaction -- they can smell two things at once through independent nostrils. Some poets have dual sensors, too – one for the triggering situation, one for the archaic presence within it.

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