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on The Roar of Morning, a novel by Tip Marugg, translated by Paul Vincent (Yale University Press)

First published in 1988, Tip Marugg’s novel The Roar of Morning comprises just two and a half hours in the life of its unnamed narrator. But it conveys a lifetime of brooding on the beauty and desolations of life in the Caribbean.

on Fanny Says, poems by Nickole Brown (BOA Editions)

The title character of Fanny Says, Nickole Brown’s second collection, is her late grandmother, Frances Lee Cox of Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Eight Poets Recommend New and Recent Titles

Welcome back to The Seawall’s semi-annual poetry feature. This season, eight poets write briefly on some of their favorite recently published titles. This multi-poet/title feature is posted here in April and November. The commentary includes:

Daisy Fried

on Delinquent Palaces by Danielle Chapman (Triquarterly Books/Northwestern)

on The Sonnets (Bloof Books) and Steal It Back (Saturnalia Books), poetry by Sandra Simonds

With speed, one’s attention may dart from jotting a shopping list, to a radio report on a bombing in Ankara, to a daydream, to a child in the yard poking a stick at a dead squirrel. With speed, a poet changes what is sensed and envisioned into a poem, an incarnation of the mind’s unstoried action we all experience. A poem accelerates change.

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