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on The Irresponsible Magician: Essays and Fictions, by Rebekah Rutkoff (Semiotext(e)/The MIT Press)

In Notes on Thought and Vision, H.D. wrote, “My sign-posts are not yours, but if I blaze my own trail, it may help to give you confidence … to get out of the murky, dead world of overworked emotions and thoughts.” Rebekah Rutkoff cites H.D.

on Writing Across the Landscape, Travel Journals 1960-2010, by Lawrence Ferlinghetti (Liveright)

On October 7, 2005, Lawrence Ferlinghetti turned up in Brescia, Italy where his paternal family had lived. He had met the Fluxus performer Francesco Conz in Verona; Fluxus was a sort of Dadaist spinoff and Conz anointed Ferlinghetti as an emeritus member.

on The Quarry, essays by Susan Howe (New Directions)

Susan Howe was born in 1937 in Boston and spent much of her childhood in Cambridge. In her essay “Sorting Facts” (1996), one of ten pieces collected in The Quarry, she recalls her earliest impressions of factual imagery – World War II newsreels.

on Dickinson in Her Own Time, edited by Jane Donahue Eberwein, Stephanie Farrar & Cristanne Miller (Univ of Iowa Press)

For both the poet and her engaged reader, the laws and behaviors of her poetry take precedence over the habits and accidents of her life. Is there a memorable poet who has ever limited herself to the mere facts of her experience? Who has portrayed herself solely as a subject of cause and effect?

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