Twenty Poets Name Some New Favorites to Celebrate National Poetry Month

To celebrate National Poetry Month, I asked some friends to recommend a new or recent poetry title for the site’s readership. Many thanks to everyone for naming some favorites. RS


Where X Marks the Spot by Bill Zavatsky (Hanging Loose Press, 2006)
recommended by Michael Collier

Frank Sinatra: The Man, The Music, The Legend, essays edited by Jeanne Fuchs and Ruth Prigozy (Univ of Rochester Press)

I was in Milan on business on May 14, 1998, the day Frank Sinatra died at age 82. The story topped the national news broadcast. Visiting Germany, President Clinton responded to a reporter’s question about Sinatra and America. Then Clinton went on to discuss new U.S. sanctions against India, which had just exploded a nuclear device underground.

White Towers by Paul Hirshorn & Steven Izenour (The MIT Press)

“I loved the taste of those burgers. There was something about the combination of the grilled hamburger meat, chopped unions and the pickle.

Lost Paradise, a novel by Cees Nooteboom, translated by Susan Massotty (Grove Press)

First published in 2004 as Paradijs Verloren, Lost Paradise completes the second half of an orbit achieved by its mirrored opposite, Milton’s “Paradise Lost,” which is quoted or mentioned here and there.

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