Manthology, a poetry anthology edited by Craig Crist-Evans, Kate Fetherston, and Roger Weingarten (Univ. of Iowa Press)

Since everything human not specifically about women is about men, and even much about women is also often about men when told by a man (or a woman), the idea of an anthology of poems about "the male experience" may seem somewhat inane, and its choices fated to be arbitrary.

Reflections on Literature and Culture, criticism by Hannah Arendt (Stanford Univ Press)

Hannah Arendt has been called the most formidable public intellectual in post-WWII America, despite the possibility that some of the reflexive reverence she elicited derived from her status as a remnant of a lost Kultur.

Polish Writers on Writing, edited by Adam Zagajewski (Trinity Univ Press)

“ 'What is not said, tends to nonexistence.' It’s astonishing to think about the multitude of events in the twentieth century and about the people taking part in them, and to realize that every one of those situations deserved an epic, a tragedy, or a lyric poem. But nothing – they sank, leaving only a faint trace.

The Same Solitude, Boris Pasternak & Marina Tsvetaeva, lit-crit by Catherine Ciepiela (Cornell Univ Press)

Boris Pasternak and Marina Tsvetaeva conducted a correspondence between 1922 and 1936, though they rarely met. (Rilke joined to make the exchange triangular for a few years.) It was not until 2000, when the archive of Tsvetaeva's papers was finally opened, that the entire exchange could be fully appreciated.

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