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on Posthumous Keats, a “personal biography” by Stanley Plumly (Norton)

“Every modern poet is obliged to have a view of Keats, as if he were part of the competition,” Clive James proclaims. Although he doesn't give us a clear reason why this is so, the assessment sticks.

on Metropolitan Tang, poems by Linda Bamber (Black Sparrow/David R. Godine)

There are many attractive qualities in Linda Bamber’s first book of poems, Metropolitan Tang: conversational brio, a feel for the times, a willingness to follow her own misdirections, a raconteur’s inbred sense of timing.

on Senselessness, a novel by Horacio Castellanos Moya, tr. by Katherine Silver (New Directions)

An unnamed writer comes to an unnamed Central American country to copyedit the oral testimonies of Indians who had witnessed atrocities committed by the military.

on A Scholar’s Tale, a memoir by Geoffrey Hartman (Fordham Univ. Press)

The Wall Street Journal recently published Joseph Rago’s op-ed piece on Priya Venkatesan, a lecturer in English composition at Dartmouth who has “threatened to sue her students because, she claims, their ‘anti-intellectualism’ violated her civil rights … She maintains that some

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