on Senselessness, a novel by Horacio Castellanos Moya, tr. by Katherine Silver (New Directions)

An unnamed writer comes to an unnamed Central American country to copyedit the oral testimonies of Indians who had witnessed atrocities committed by the military.

on A Scholar’s Tale, a memoir by Geoffrey Hartman (Fordham Univ. Press)

The Wall Street Journal recently published Joseph Rago’s op-ed piece on Priya Venkatesan, a lecturer in English composition at Dartmouth who has “threatened to sue her students because, she claims, their ‘anti-intellectualism’ violated her civil rights … She maintains that some

On A Day Like This, a novel by Peter Stamm, tr. by Michael Hofmann (Other Press)

The protagonist of Peter Stamm’s fifth novel, On A Day Like This, is a forty-year old Swiss named Andreas who lives alone in Paris, teaches German at a suburban high school, and carries on a series of dispassionate affairs with women.

on Selected Poems: 1970-2005, by Floyd Skloot (Tupelo Press)

Through a stroke of good fortune, I was in Portland, Oregon on April 20 when Paulann Petersen hosted an event to celebrate the publication of Floyd Skloot’s Selected Poems.

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