The Springs of Poetry, an essay by Louise Bogan

A Poet's Prose, Selected Writings of Louise Bogan, edited by Mary Kinsie, was published by Swallow Press in 2005. Because previous editions of Bogan's prose and criticism are out of print, Kinzie's edition was a most welcome arrival, since she also included Bogan's unpublished poems and drafts.

On the Poetry of Brendan Galvin: Habitat, New & Selected Poems (LSU Press)

Brendan Galvin has published twelve books of poetry starting with No Time for Good Reasons (Pittsburgh, 1974). Although he has written very little criticism, his piquant point of view of his contemporaries is more than apparent.

The Poetry of David Hilton

This past April, Coffee House Press brought out David Hilton's final book, Living Will. Hilton died in 2005 at age 67. In the book's afterword, Dave Clewell aptly calls Hilton "a spiritual grandson of Whitman and a son of the good Dr.

Leonard Nathan, 1924-2007

Leonard Nathan, who died in Marin County on June 3, 2007, was one of the most accomplished poets of his generation, but his work is unfamiliar to almost all of the younger poets I correspond or talk with.

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