on Love, a novel by Hanne Ørstavik, translated by Martin Aitken (Archipelago Books)

While reading Hanne Ørstavik’s cerebrally lissome novel Love, I was reminded of a question posed by Roland Barthes: “Why do our famous psychologists waste their time on contrived topics like Will, Attention, etc., instead of studying the only important thing in modern psychology: Mood?” A single inquisitive mood – not quite melancholy, not quite buoyant, but often tilting towards

La Lumière Blanche

With CPR and drugs, the emergency room team revived my cousin Serge.  Once a pulse was established, they applied shock paddles to restore an even rhythm.  That morning Serge had thought he was coming down with the flu, his chest was congested.  Finally around noon, he decided to leave his art gallery in the hands of his staff and walk the eight blocks to the Hôpital Hôtel-Dieu, crossing over

on In Full Flight: A Story of Africa and Atonement by John Heminway (Knopf)

In 2010, John Heminway wrote a feature for the Financial Times entitled “A Legendary Flying Doctor’s Dark Secret.” The doctor was Anne Spoerry, renowned and respected for providing emergency medical care in Africa for more than 30 years until her death in Nairobi in 1999.

on The Perfect Nanny, a novel by Leila Slimani, translated. by Sam Taylor (Penguin Books)

The following headline was recently aired on Boston TV news: “Police in Salinas, California said a 47-year old nanny was arrested after she allegedly was drunk while attempting to pick up a six-year old child from an elementary school.” It was reported that she drove there with a one-year old baby. Suspicious school employees stalled her as she struggled to unlock her car.

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