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Poetry of Note: Books by Susan Settlemyre Williams, Robert Bly, and Norman S. Shapiro

on Ashes in Midair, poems by Susan Settlemyre Williams (Many Mountains Moving Press)

on The English Major, a novel by Jim Harrison (Grove Press)

In a New York Times interview last year, Jim Harrison told Charles McGrath that he wrote The English Major at top speed – even though he rationed himself to one page per day.

on Give and Take, a novel by Stona Fitch (Concord Free Press – which is half the story)

Stona Fitch’ s second novel, Senseless, was published by Soho Press on September 11, 2001. Eliott Gast, an American trade representative, is taken hostage by terrorists and then methodically deprived of his five senses. His agony, monitored by cameras, is broadcast globally.

on The Cosmopolitan, poems by Donna Stonecipher (Coffee House Press)

Donna Stonecipher has published three books since 2002, each preoccupied with how the mind attempts to slip undetected through its own security screening and arrive at meaningful destinations. As tour directors of signification and its frustrations, her poems are both enactments and examples.

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