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on Satin Cash, poems by Lisa Russ Spaar (Persea Books)

The signature gesture of Lisa Spaar’s third book, Satin Cash, is a shift of attention from circumstance to displaced reaction. A disinclination to be quite on top of actual things triggers a self-in-language, cloistered in memory and reconsideration, and making its way back to the actual through strangely routed observation and phrasing.


on The Journey, a novel by H.G. Adler, translated by Peter Filkins (Random House)

H. G. Adler’s The Journey begins with a three-page “Augury.” When Peter Filkins discovered a copy of Die Reise in Schoenhof's Foreign Language Bookstore in Harvard Square in 2002, he read the introductory paragraph and immediately determined to translate the novel:

on The Writer as Migrant, essays by Ha Jin (University of Chicago Press)

Ha Jin would seem to have every reason to feel securely anchored in his adopted American home. He arrived from China in 1985 as a twenty-nine year old student of American literature to pursue graduate studies at Brandeis University. Just five years later, his first book of poetry, Between Silences, was published.

on The Likes of Us: America in the Eyes of the Farm Security Administration, by Stu Cohen and Peter Bacon Hales (David R. Godine

In the late 1960s, the Boston-based art and cultural critic Stu Cohen became interested in the contemporary photography of Garry Winogrand, Diane Arbus and Lee Friedlander.

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